What a difference a month makes! Back on it and 83% Fitness Wanker

I’m back… back on the blog, back on the fitness high and back working hard. After last months low, documented in my last post, I kind of shook things up a bit. Switched around the PT sessions, had a bit of a think about where I am, what I have achieved over the last few years, fitness wise, and decided I should Man-The-Fuck-Up and just get on with it.

My diet was not great, it still isn’t, I probably drink a bit too much, that is hard to change but overall my exercise is light years better than where it was 2 years ago. I am far stronger than I have ever probably been in my adult life and certainly the fittest I have ever been.

Once I realised I should be happy I just cracked on again. I have been having a bash at another new sport, Golf. This is an odd game with odd rules around dress code and what you can and cannot do, but, every time I have had a go, my pocket walk tracker has logged between 2.5 and 3miles, so it is a sneaky fitness thing. DOn’t get me started about trying to consistently hit a ball straight!


All the Gear but no Idea

The other thing I love about Golf is the fact it enables me to buy more Under Armour gear. I now have a UA hat and polo shirts but could not drag myself to buy the old man Golf UA shorts. It is safe to say that the Golf range of clothes is somewhat dated.

In other news, I have been trying out a product called Huel, that is a meal replacement powder that you mix with water. I will write a review of this once I have been on it for a longer period of time. It is hard to do a full week of it given I have lots of work outings and nights out with clients. I also tried Thermo Grenade tablets, and again, a review of these will be coming soon. They are not as dramatic as people make out, although my heart rate on the running machine having taken just one is enough to scare me into slowing down.

One last thing, the boxing PT sessions have been an eye opener. They are something totally different to what I am used to. No dressing anything up from the guy who runs it… he tells it straight, gives a compliment when he feels you need it (although his compliments are often back handed :-)) and more importantly, gives you a prod when you are slacking. I cannot recommend boxing enough as a way to get fit.

So, there you have it, I am back in the fitness game and loving it.

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