Weigh in update – Week 6

So I am 6 weeks into a 9 week diet competition with my friend. Yesterday (Weds) was my weigh in day against my competitor.

Given all I have done, fitness and sports wise this week, I was gutted to see I had not lost any weight and stayed at around 84kg! I don’t really care about all those saying that it is because I am gaining muscle and it weighs more, yada yada, yada. I just want to lose weight.

My gym program is going really well, been three times this week and only done cardio work, no weights. I played two sports sessions yesterday, Basketball at lunch and Football after work.

Really really frustrating. I guess I just keep going and hope it all starts paying off. At the minute though, another frustrating week, especially when two weeks ago I had lost 3-4Kgs in one week!

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