Two months into Moov and loving it – my review

About three weeks ago a start-up protein/nutrition company in the US got in touch and asked if I would be interested in testing some products and writing about it on this blog. What have I become?

I appear to now be on a list somewhere as a fitness blogger. Oh dear… but oh hells yeah in terms of nice to get free stuff. I turned down the protein shakes by the way.

Anyway it jogged my memory about writing a review of my Moov fitness tracking devices (my crude definition, they are actually much more than that). To be clear, these were not freebies, I paid for them. I had seen many people talking about Moov before they actually launched and shipped, indeed, they may even have been born out of a kickstarter or something like that.

In particular, two people that I follow and respect on social media, Dan and Becca Caddy (Dan I work with) had been talking about them and this is when I thought I would give them a whirl. So I ordered away via the site and they shipped a few weeks later from the US.

I have split the review into a few areas, but if this is all a bit TLDR: Great gadget, helped me train in a new way, will probably keep dipping in and out of using them to aid my fitness journey:

Getting them up and running

8/10 – lost points for the battery charging being a smidge tricky, but once you are used to it, all good.

Really simple! Got them out of the box, got them charged, followed the instructions and got going. I did not need to have charged them really before using them for the first time, I just thought I should and wanted to hit the ground running and not risk the battery going on my first use. I need not have worried.

All in all, took about 10mins max to download the various apps that you need and get them ready. I use the boxing app, the 7 min workout and the running apps. There is also a swimming app and I understand a cycling one is close to launching too.

Ease of use

10/10 – even a simpleton like me can use it without any issues.

It just works, you pop it onto the holster (sounds more manly) attach it to a body part and get going. The apps synch perfectly and you just fire them up and get going. The kids did the 7 min workout with me and they loved it too. They found it really good fun and all in all, it created a nice bit of family time.

All the apps are slick, work brilliantly and do the job.

Battery Life

Really good, charged mine about 4 times since I have had them and I use them most days! This is clearly no Apple built product, the battery life is good.

One niggle is connecting the moov to the charger. It is a bit fiddly and it can take a bit of wiggling to get the magical charging green light to appear.

Did they help with my training?

11/10! – It took me to the next level

Yes yes yes! When I first got them my training had reached a bit of a stale point. I was desperate to try and start working running and jogging into my training but I have always been rubbish at running. The Moov running app changed all of this.

The interval training part of the Moov running app not only got me started at running/jogging but actually got me to running a mile, none stop, for the first time in my life. OK, so I aint gonna me no male Zola Budd, but the credit for me getting into running (it is now a part of my EVERY work out) goes to Moov.

In addition, I find the 7 min work out is a great start or end to my usual 1.5 hour morning work out. Yes, I felt a bit of a divvy at first, holding my phone and doing star jumps on the soft mats at the gym but I got used to it and I was amazed how many people asked me what it was.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 08.52.05

Will I keep using them?


Yes! I put this section into the review because of my Nike Fuelband and my relationship with it. When I first got my Fuelband I wore it everywhere and loved it. Fast forward a few weeks and I started to doubt some of the data and points it was calculating, lost a bit of faith in it and retired it to a draw at work.

In fact, I have subsequently let someone else borrow it because I just don’t use it.

Moov is the opposite, I use it ALL THE TIME. Pretty much in every work out. When I am feeling a bit down on my training it picks me up and gives me motivation. I find the challenges of the 7 min work out a great way to lift my “meh-ness”. I can see that Moov will be a big part of my training regime.

Would I recommend them?

11/10 – No doubt at all. No matter what stage of the fitness journey you are on, Moov can help.

Where can I buy it?

Here (not making anything from recommending it by the way)

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