The day of reckoning – the comeback game of football

The weekend just gone saw the game that I have been training for since February finally arrive. It was a great day and good fun, but if I am honest, the game itself was a smidge disappointing.

After going five nil down by half time our old-boys team was getting destroyed by the new and far younger team. Luckily, we managed to claw it back to six all by the end, although I am sure there was a bit of creative accounting with regards to the number of players that we had on our team.

What was disappointing was the fact that I had lost lots of pace since last playing over 15 years ago and the general play was very much long-ball focussed. What was really interesting was that the players who used to be that little bit special had still got something about them, even those who had maybe added a few KGs over the years.

Just goes to show that form is temporary but class is permanent.

With regards to my own fitness during the game, I loved it! I actually felt in better shape during this game than I did in the last few seasons of when I last played. It certainly whetted my appetite about playing one more season but the reality is that it is very difficult to do this when you have a few kids at such a young age.

Anyway, I might try and play a few more games here and there when the team is short of numbers and in the mean time, we have our 6-aside a work every week that will keepme going.

Was all the training worth it? Hell yes! I have absolutely loved it and thinkI am now addicted. The goal now though is to find a new challenge. I have heard rumours of friends doing the three peaks challenge so that could be the one!

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