Running running running – why you so hard? A Beginners experience of jogging in public

Before I started this journey I was one of those horrible fat people who would make snide comments (under my breath) at joggers who were a little out of shape and maybe struggling. Fast forward a year and I have become an out of shape jogger, who definitely struggles. I feel very bad about the actions of the former me!

I have always had a hate hate relationship with jogging or running. Even when I played my chosen sport at a decent level as a kid, I always let myself down with my lack of jogging or stamina building activity. 2015 has seen me make a conscious decision to try and cure myself of this running allergy.

It started with trying to do interval training at the gym as part of my warm up, and then developed into trying to run a mile none-stop on the treadmill, something I still struggle to do if I am honest, but I am getting there. Anyway, a few weeks after trying this new running effort I also had a weigh in and health check with the PT. The results were much better than they normally are and instead of making the small gains I have grown used to since losing so much weight over the last 2 years, the jump was quite a bit bigger and it was decreed that this was down to the running.

As ever, I took this as gospel and decided to throw myself into the world of jogging and running. Off I toddled, down to the local Nike store and I bought my first ever pair of dedicated running trainers. Oh my gosh they are dreamy! Why have I never had a pair before? They are much more cushioned and seem to give greater support for my wider training. I am sure it is psychological, I know!

My new nike trainers

My new nike trainers

After a few treadmill sessions and getting near to the running a mile none stop milestone I have set myself I decided to try running out side. IN PUBLIC! We live out in the sticks and my wife and I had been discussing her running a route around the lanes and woods where we live. My wife is actually far fitter than me but I decided to give the route a go. OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DO.

The route was 4.4miles in total and I feel like I pretty much walked all of it. In my head I was trying to run for a minute and walk for a minute but I probably got that wrong. I used Runkeeper and apparently I did it in 54 mins, based on a 12min mile and an average of 6mph. I don’t really understand the stats, I was just happy I survived (unlike the dead badger I saw on my way around… guessing he was a jogger too). Jogging is definitely a new vortex of hell and I have not done that same circuit again since.

I felt very self conscious all the way around and I was very glad this was in the rural countryside and not on busy streets, mainly because I changed colour so many times and sweat more than I have ever known before. It did feel like a real achievement and I think the majority of the family were surprised I made it without calling for help as well.

Do I think I have caught the running bug, maybe. I think I need a few more goes, especially if I want to achieve my 2015 fitness goal of completing a Mud Runner or obstacle course, without dying!

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