Now at 87% Fitness Wanker and trying MyProtein

After a crap gym attendance over the Easter period I have come out fighting this week. Been hitting the gym hard and even had a one to one session with a guy who is a fitness guru and has transformed himself into becoming the buffest bloke I know over a 3 year period. A real inspiration.

He was brilliant and took me through a legs session. It was really knackering at the time but I must admit to thinking it had been fairly easy, how wrong was I! The next day my legs were in bits! Kudos to him for cracking the whip.

Anyway, he and a few others have been saying that if I am aching lots its a good thing and it may be time to try protein shakes after working out, to help with muscle recovery.

I don’t know much about the science behind protein shakes but as I say, they are key for muscle recovery. So, I dived onto MyProtein and ordered some.

What I have learned so far…

1. It tastes far better with milk. I am using soya milk as I don’t like cows milk

2. When you think you have shaken it enough, shake it a bit more

3. It tastes odd with just water

A big step as I have always looked at those who use protein shakes as being a bit odd. Another example of me becoming a complete Fitness Wanker.

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