Now at 70% FitnessWanker – Gyming when away on business trips

I work away a fair bit, probably at least one or two days per week. It is the main downfall of my dieting. I eat trash foods and drink far too much beer.

Imagine my surprise today when I found myself declining to go straight for a beer after a client meeting and instead delaying it for an hour and a half so I could go to the gym in the hotel for an hour.


A fitness wanker!

Once I had finished checking emails I have about 50 mins so I did 10 on the rower, 20 on the bike and 20 on the treadmill. Even more worrying, I managed to run for longer between walking intervals on the treadmill.

I was staying at the Mercure Bristol Holland Hotel. The gym equipment was really new and all worked well. What a comprehensive review.

Only downside, forgot my headphones so no music. Bah, first world problems.

Oh yeah, and did my first ever #gymselfie. Its in the instagram feed on the home page. :-)

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