me v Nike Fuelband 5 weeks in – a mini review

When my diet and fitness challenge started the first thing I did was, the same as most people I guess, buy some new gear. Not trainers and clothing (that came a little later), but tech gear.

I had been reading lots about wearable health and fitness technology and pretty much everyone said that the Nike Fuelband was the best option. So i bought one.

In terms of the supporting technology around the Fuelband, no one can complain. The App for my iPhone and the supporting site is truly amazing. There are lots of social functions and sharing options to find friends who are also using the gadget.

There are icons you can share to show how what you have achieved, although I avoid sharing anything like this on Facebook, Twitter and alike because I don’t want to become one of those Fitness Wankers. Oh wait…

On to the Fuelband itself and how it works. To be honest, not a clue.

It seems to have a mind of its own and I am not sure how accurate the points calculations are in relation to the exercise being undertaken. For instance, when I start a “session” in the gym (what Nike labels a period where you are training or doing some form of sport) the points seem comparatively low.

I mean comparatively in terms of a brisk 20 minute walk appears to generate more points than a one hour gym session. That cannot be right.

That being said, when I play basketball (badly) the Fuelband appears to kick in and logs loads of points. I do use far more energy during basketball so that does make sense.

Like many other users, I did wear the Fuelband all the time at first, and became kinda obsessed about hitting the points target. This quickly stopped when it started flashing motivational messages during meetings where I had been sat down for over an hour.

Yes, if you are not active for a set period of time the Fuelband sends messages such as “Just Do it” and “Go Andy” etc. The iPhone App also sends you push notifications to get you to get off your bottom.

A friend of mine said he did not need a Fuelband as he has a wife to nag him when he has been sat down for too long. The cheeky wag.

I do rate the tech behind the Nike Fuelband and it I find it a strangely motivational tool. I think that if you take into account that it, bizarrely, does not seem to like Gym sessions and do lots of other sports and fitness sessions, you to, will love it.

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