New rowing machine challenge personal best – 8.35 – still a long way to go

Been a big and busy week of sport and fitness for me. Straight back of holiday and I had a couple of training sessions at the Gym, 2 new “classes” I have been trying out (more on that to come), a football session and also a basketball session.

It is interesting that having pretty much had a week off when on holiday I thought I would really struggle to get back into it but I think the week off really helped me recover from a few months of really hard training (in my eyes). I returned and hit the ground running.

After smashing the diet/weight loss competition with my friend (I lost 20lbs in 10 weeks) my next challenge is to beat my good mate in a rowing challenge. The challenge, is simple, to see how fast you can complete 2000m.

At the start of my journey to become a fitness wanker I set myself the target of doing the challenge in under 13mins. Before I went on holiday I had got my time down to 8m, 39secs.

I mentioned I was doing this to my ultra-competitive and annoyingly fit friend and without any practice at all he wandered down to his gym and bashed out 8min and 24secs! Darn it… I begrudgingly admire him for that.

Anyway, I have been hammering away at trying to beat it and going nowhere, in fact, my times had been getting worse. Then someone I know who also rows said that really you should only go for it every few weeks. So, I had my week off, had a really good week of sport and on Friday I tried really going for it.

I got a new personal best of 8min and 35seconds. Still 11 seconds off my friends time but at least I have started going in the right direction. I am now just going to try and beat it once a week rather then every time that I go to the gym. Seems to work far better.

I have also tried creating a rowing challenge song list but this did not really help so far. Maybe it needs a few tweaks. :-)

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