My personal war with a stairmaster – preparing for a Three Peaks challenge

As part of my fitness crusade and generally trying new sports and activities I am doing a Three Peaks challenge in a few weeks, you can go sponsor me here by the way! In order to train for this and also because I have never used one before, I have been giving the stairmaster a go in the gym.

o h   m y   g o d

It is the most knackering machine I have ever tried (outside of The Grappler, but that is another story). I have been trying to do 500 steps at a speed of 13 or above now for the last two weeks. It may not seem much to you, but for a novice like myself, doing it non-stop has been tough.

Whilst I have finally cracked doing it non-stop now, man it was a battle. I am now getting up to 700 steps non-stop and did a PB today of 725 steps which the machine tells me is the same as climbing the steps in the Taj Mahal. I get off it and I am a complete sweaty mess.

What is worse is that there is a guy I always see on there and he does thousands of steps at a pace of around 20! Ouch.

I thought it would be a good way of helping prepare for the Three Peaks Challenge. All the mountain walking guides say that calfs and thighs are what hurt the most during these things. I am also hastily walking in some new boots as well.

Anyone got any tips for preparing for a Three Peaks Challenge, please share in the comments section.

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