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The last month or so has been a bit of a struggle. For the first time since I started going to the gym, over a year ago now, I have felt the odd pang of “you should just go back to bed”, instead of the normal feeling of being excited about going to the gym. It feels odd.

I think it all ties into a general malaise at the minute because my weight is staying the same and I am not seeing the big gains that I had last year. I guess writing posts like this also helps me process it all and try and work out what I need to do. My last healthcheck at the gym was a real shocker and set me back a little bit, not because I had put on weight or anything, but more because there was no real gains there, just a few really small positives.

Up until that point I had pretty much had a big gain every time I had a healthcheck so it was tough to take. It was also tough because I had just finished a really hard period of training and had been really going for it. I had just started running a mile every day and was doing all these “big moves” exercises that were apparently going to take me up a level, but nothing really changed.

I chatted to my trainer about it and how I was feeling (about the lack of progress, not my emotional side, I am not one of them!) and he basically said it was all to do with my diet and around the consumption of alcohol. This is when it kind of hit me… maybe this is as far as I can go and I should just be happy now… this is not normally like me.

The reasoning behind this is because I have made huge huge strides in my diet and I eat farm more cleanly now that at any point in my adult life. With regards to alcohol, I drink far less than I have ever done at any other time in my adult life and have also switched from beer to lower-calorie drinks. I cannot really see how I can cut back on my eating and drinking any further. Yes, there are obvious weak moments of chocolate and crisps but I don’t really want to cut this out as this is when it starts affecting my wider life and how I live it and to be honest, with a great family, a great job and a generally positive attitude, I am really happy and don’t want to make any more eating or drinking sacrifices.

So maybe this is it for now… I have a week off on holiday next week where I will think things over a bit more. The gym is a massive part of my daily routine and has been brilliant for clearing my mind before work and alike, but maybe I should just be happy with what I have achieved right now and not keep stressing over making more big gains.

On a lighter note, I broke my Personal Best on the Leg Press today that was 200kg, I managed to do 220kg, three sets of 10 reps. Was quite pleased with myself.


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