Mega Monday – new gym Personal Best

I don’t know what it is but I have my best sessions down the gym on a Monday. This morning was no different. I set a new Personal Best in my Rower Challenge.

The challenge is to see how fast I can do 2000m. This morning I did it in my best time so far of 9m and 24 secs. Not brilliant compared to all you proper fitness wankers but good enough for me.

I then did 20 mins each on Bike, Cross Trainer and Treadmill with interval running on the treadmill for 2 mins in every 4. I had a go on some weights as well this morning. Mainly legs and arms, well, mainly because I had some spare time.

I ate fairly poorly Friday through to Sunday, starting with beery lunch (no chips!) on Friday. Saturday we were out again and although I dodged the chips again I did have a pudding and Sunday was a BBQ which is always packed with badness.

A sneaky Krispy Kreme doughnut slipped through the radar as well, so all in all, I have had better weekends, eating wise :-)

I will need to push hard to get gym and sports sessions time this week as I am out and about a fair bit. I wish I was better at road running as I could then do more at home but I am not there yet in terms of long, sustained runs.

Oh well, good start to the week. Feel I have dropped back to 58% Fitness Wanker though!

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