Meeting Lennox Lewis, motivated by Eddie Hall and plateau training

The motivation levels are still high (phew) and this is amore of a general update rather than having a specific focus. First up, I have revised my training regime having read a good article in Men’s Health about reaching a plateau with training. Basically, up until this week I had been doing all-round body training rather than concentrating on a different body part every session.

I think my body had got so used to the same all-round training programme that it had reached the stage where I was not really pushing myself enough and not really seeing good gains. So, starting this week, and having read a number of article on the best process, I have set daily programme’s for each day. To start with I am doing; Traps, Arms, Legs, Chest and then the James Haskill workout that I mentioned in the last blog post.

I am obsessed with traps and feel like I have been shrugging every weight for the last year with no real gain. I asked a few people with good traps that I found on Instagram for their tips and they all pretty much came back suggesting heavy shrugs using a deadlift bar. So this will be my new challenge.

Moving on, this week I went to an awards bash that I attend every year and have done so for 7 years. It is secretly a good barometer for how much weight I have lost because people I have known for years but only see once a year always make nice comments (since the weight loss). This year I got the same nice comments (awesome) and also a few “you look buff” words thrown in for nice measure. It felt good, but then you go back to the gym and stand amongst some really buff folk and you realise how far you have to go.

Whilst at the awards I bumped into Lennox Lewis. How cool, what a legend. He allowed me the obligatory boxing photo together and even had a little chat. He was a really funny and nice guy. Full of charisma and really put people at ease. I presume he was over for the Anthony Joshua fight.

Finally, last night I watched the Eddie Hall documentary on ┬áNetflix. What a man! I was super motivated going to train this morning having watched it. I had seen him a few times on World’s Strongest Man but must admit that I did not know much about him. The main thing I realised is that the professional world of weight lifting really needs better funding and to become a little bit more glam. Eddie is clearly doing his bit to try and improve the industry image via his brilliant showmanship but it really needs a media organisation like Sky Sports come in and invest some money so that more of them can go full-time and improve their careers.

Up until 2015 Eddie Hall was working as a lorry mechanic whilst also training to hit his target of being the World’s Strongest Man. I was shocked that such a famous and elite sportsman was not getting enough sponsorship or funding to do it full time. Fortunately he has now arranged enough sponsorship deals in order to train full time and give up his job. As Eddie himself says, it is crazy that there is more money in Darts than there is in weightlifting.

As an aside, I was so motivated by the documentary that I was determined to set a new PB on the Bench Press this morning. I equalled my PB of 65kg and tried to go to 70kg and failed miserably. Annoying! In terms of context, my PB for deadlift is 115kg, Eddie Hall holds the world record at 500kg. I think he is safe from me beating that, for now!

Current weight: 11st 9lbs (-1lb since last post)

Current fat ratio: 19% (-1% since last post)

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