Hotel gyms need to really step up there game – review of hotels with a gym in London, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle

I am at that stage in my fitness obsession where I have started basing the hotels I stay at on work trips around them having a gym or not. I have quickly found that hotel gyms are not brilliant! It is sad I know…

I spend lots of time in Manchester, Newcastle and London and although my membership of DW Fitness gyms means I can technically use their gyms across the UK, the reality is that often they are far away from where I am staying which is an issue when I travel largely by train. The other issue is that getting into DW gym’s that are not you normal one is a bit of a faff and can waste lots of gym time. This is why I started searching for hotels with decent in-house gyms.

My favourite so far is the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch in London. A reasonably priced hotel with the most gym equipment I have seen in a hotel gym so far. Everything you need for a decent workout.

The most disappointing so far has to be the Mal Maison in Newcastle, and the same for the Mal Maison in Manchester. Both are tiny spaces with not much working when I was there. In between is a mix really. The Hilton Paddington has a good amount of gym equipment but it gets busy and there are not enough machines. The Mercure in Bristol has a good level of machines but no real free weights and I know this puts a lot of people off having a good session.

The same can be said about The Lancaster in London. A great space but not much equipment and once again, it gets really busy. It very much feels that, for many hotels, gyms are an after thought, and usually they have the minimum equipment in order to get by and claim that they have a gym. I am guessing that hotel owners see a gym as dead space, that they cannot make money from.

The reality is that having a decent gym space with a good mic of equipment can actually draw in new consumers and is a real selling point to gym-obsessed-idiots like myself.

Hats off to The Cumberland in London, not so much to Mal Maison.

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