Has it really been 5 months since an update? Where i’m at y’all

I can’t believe it has been five months since I last updated this fitness blog. Let myself down. For the day job I work in digital marketing and so I know a small amount about tracking web stats and traffic so I was somewhat shocked this morning (when I checked Google Analytics for the first time in ages) that the blog is starting to get a slow trickle of traffic.

TLDR: I should update it more.

Here is the summary of this year so far and what I am doing now, exercise wise.

At the start of the year I was super motivated and along with my training buddy (former pro athlete Joe Goatley) we were going to go for what we called “Hench17″. That quickly got shafted by a serious illness (hospitalised – weak or what) that pretty much wrote me off from late January until mid to late March. On the plus side, I dropped from just under 13 stone to 11 stone 4lbs! The one upside of being ill.

I pretty much biscuit binged to get back to normal weight because I was starting to look very gaunt at that weight. I also found that I had lost all my strength at the gym so, all in all, it was like starting from scratch again (pic below is with my hot wife Jilly, just after I got out of hospital).

With Jilly Barr - hot wife

With Jilly Barr – hot wife

As I mentioned in my last post, I really shook up my training routines and from April through to a few weeks ago I was concentrating on a different muscle group every day. That really helped and I can’t recommend that plan enough. Combined with a few strong months of eating healthily it really did the trick and people started to notice that I had a greater muscle definition, i even had four abs start to poke through. They soon went after the summer holiday binges though :-)

Most importantly, I was starting to get much stronger. Here are some examples. I had previously mentioned that my bench press one rep max was a disappointing 70kg, fast forward to now and I can do 85kg and I think I could get to 90kg.

On the deadlifts, I finally got up to 140kg for a one rep max, up from my previous PB of 130kg. And on the squat rack I have got up to around 130kg (maybe a bit more actually) for a one rep max, up from 110kg.

Finally, I have changed gym’s. I was getting fed up of things being broken at DW Sports, this included the Air Con during the height of summer, and the machines are not properly maintained. Instead of moaning I just decided to try a new gym so I am now going to Pure Gym. The ups are that the equipment is all new and I am trying some of their classes and they are good. The down side, there is no atmosphere at all and I don’t have a training partner any more. This is why I think I can get up to 90kg on the bench press bt dojn’t know for sure. I don’t have anyone to spot me and being honest, it is not the type of place where you can just go and ask someone.

10K Run

10K Run

My new training regime has changed lots as well. At the minute I am trying to get to being able to run 10k in 1hr. I had my first try this weekend and did it in 1hr 15 mins. Pretty slow I know. I have decided what my challenge is in 2018 and being able to run 10k is a part of the wider goal… more on that next year!

So, right now I am doing gym classes on a Mon, Weds at Pure gym, circuits on both days and also an abs class as a second one on a Weds. On a Friday I go to a really brutal boxing fitness class at Pitmans Fight Factory in Gloucester.

Fight Factory Gloucester

Fight Factory Gloucester Classes

On the Tuesday and Thursday’s I am doing cardio via a Runkeeper 10K training plan and a longer run on a Saturday. Any spare time I get in the gym I am using to try and focus on my traps (still obsessed) and arms (don’t want to lose my arm gains via cardio!).

That’s me right now then. Let’s see if I can keep it up and most importantly, let’s see if I can keep this blog a little more up to date.

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