My review of the Grenade Thermo Detonator Weight Management Suppliment – lost 3kg in three weeks

This is the second time I have used these weight management supplements and both times they have worked when being taken as part of a combined healthy eating, working out program. The first time I did not really track how much weight I lost whilst taking them but they helped with the overall weight loss and the second time I lost around 3k whilst taking them over a three week period.

I bought mine from Amazon and they cost £23.50

A few observations… keep in mind I have no health or science qualifications!

Don’t take too many to start with! I started by sticking to the daily recommended amount but quickly dropped to a lower amount as it made me feel a bit spaced out and my heart felt like it was fluttering. I went down to one about 30 mins before working out and this was fine. I guess they increase your heart rate to get you into that fat burning zone quicker.

It may have been psychological but I did get lots more done during my work out and felt lots more energetic.

They had no other odd side effects like giving you the shits :-)

They took my heart rate significantly higher than without taking them during exercise. E.g. When i run on the treadmill without taking one of these before, my heart rate peaks at about 122-128. After taking these my heart rate doing the same exercise was around 140-145. Again, presume this is the fat burning zone or alike.

They are like a normal table so there is no problem swallowing etc.

I took these after going on my holidays and when I wanted to get back in shape a bit faster as I had a couple of mud runs coming up. Judge me, I don’t care :-)

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