Getting ready for May 25 – My Footballing Come Back

One of the main motivators for becoming a fitness wanker is my footballing come back. May 25 is the big day. I will be playing in a veterans v current team game for a local club called Renegades Reformed.

I stopped playing, mainly due to lack of fitness and lack of time, around 12 years ago. I regret this a lot now and wish I had carried on, even if it was just 5 a-side or alike.

As part of getting ready I have bought some new boots, Adidas World Cup, my boot of choice when I used to play. I tried many different boots over the years, Puma King, Adidas Predator, Nike Air Zoom but always went back to the Adidas World Cup boot.

My training for this has started with cardio work mainly. Lots of time on the bike, rower, treadmill and cross-country machines. I hate the treadmill, and have never been good at running on these kinds of things.

I am trying to do 20 mins on each and on the treadmill I am currently managing to run for 2 mins, walk for 4 mins, run for 2 mins etc etc. It’s hard.

The aim is to turn up and May 25 and not be totally knackered within two minutes.

The actual football training starts this week as I am off to play 5 a-side, as I say, probably the first football game I have played in for about 12 years. I have a nagging fear I am going to have a shocker but we all have to start somewhere.

As part of becoming a Fitness Wanker I need to just front it out and man-up. Mark it in your diaries, May 25 is the big come back date.

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