Falling down and slipping into old ways

It has started to go wrong! I can feel myself losing focus on eating more healthily, drinking more than I have been and finding myself take the easy option instead of pushing harder when it comes to exercise. I knew when I came back from my recent holiday that I was not as motivated to get back to the gym and start eating healthy again so I tried to shake things up.

I stopped the PT sessions because I had felt I was not making an further progress and believed that I needed something new. I knew that, straight off the bat, I needed to do more cardio to lose the extra holiday weight-gain, so I set about doing 2 miles on the treadmill in every session (more than my normal mile), and then 10 mins on the stepper, something that really kills me, before then doing weights and the normal work out. This did not give me the boost I had hoped for.

So, I signed up to do one to one fitness sessions with the boxing coach and they feel good, but I know that my overall lack of healthy eating and excessive drinking are cancelling out any gains. The other issue that does not help is that I have been travelling a fair bit more because of work recently and this comes with late nights, beery evenings, unhealthy food and lack of a routine.

I have been so good over the last one and half years in terms of being focussed, remaining on my journey and I really want to get back to being like that but it feels like my will-power is shot. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sat here writing this surrounded by a bucket of fried chicken, and to be honest, although my weight has gone up a slight bit, my clothes still fit fine, I think it is just an inner feeling that I need my focus to come back.

As ever, any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

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