Completing the Devil Mud Run in Cheltenham 2015 – What a day

My fitness challenge for 2015 was the Devil Mud Run in Cheltenham and yesterday (Saturday) the big day finally came and I took part alongside my colleague Shannon and her husband Dave. What a day and what fun and wow am I aching today!

Before the devil mud run

(l-r) Andy, Dave, Shannon

Our “wave” of competitors was not until 12pm but we got there super early because we expected bad traffic from the thousands of people taking part. There were no traffic problems at all, the whole thing was seamless. Kudos to the event organisers.

From the moment we arrived we were met with a wall of smiling faces from the volunteers and fellow competitors, something which normally puts me off, but the feeling was oddly addictive. There were loads of teams taking part, from rugby and football teams through to teams of doctors, nurses and army folk, it really was a great atmosphere.

There was a key drop so you did not have to worry about losing your car key in the sludge and after sorting all of the admin such as waiver injury forms, we did the warm up and set off. Through all my training for this I was worried about the running aspect (6 miles) more than the obstacles and I was right to be worried, it was the only bit that really let me down and once again proved my theory that I just can’t run distances.

Devil Mud Run entrance

Devil Mud Run entrance

I loved the obstacles, every one of them, they were great fun and a real challenge, but the running killed me. I was not expecting to be sprinting around from obstacle to obstacle, especially up through the woodland hills, but I did hope that I could have jogged through it all, I couldn’t. The deep, thick, really honking, mud seemed to sap the life out of my legs.

Setting off and jumping over hay bales was a nice start and no trouble at all, but after the first mud pit, trying to wade through and not lose my trainers, I felt my legs were already zapped. My favourite obstacles were the ones that were the hardest challenges. These included carrying a tyre down and up a hill, climbing and pulling myself over a 8ft wall, climbing a wall with a rope and the down hill water slide.

After the mud run

After the mud run

I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to do things like the rope climb and 8ft wall obstacle, both have shown how those upper body and core training sessions have been paying off. When we got to the finishing line, largely down to Dave motivating Shannon and I around the course, we were met by a cheering crowd. Another nice touch by the really well organised team behind the Devil Mud Run.

What a great day… now to think of a challenge for 2016.

My Kit for the 2015 Devil Mud Run in Cheltenham

Nike Running trainers (get trail trainers if you can and tie them on tight)

UnderArmour full length compression tights

UnderArmour long sleeve compression top

Gloucester rugby shirt (of course)

UnderArmour shorts (and socks)

You can tell I like UnderArmour!

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