Come on then – let’s get on it! Trying to gain muscle after weight loss…

I am so motivated right now. Here is the short version of a long story: I got ill in late January and ended up in hospital for a short period. I ended up taking four weeks off from the gym, lost over a stone in weight in one week and also lost all my strength.

My new challenge, to put some serious muscle back on and get my fat ratio down to about 15-18%

That is that done… so, I came back to the gym three weeks ago and was amazed at how weak I had become. I virtually had to start again. Here are some examples… pre illness I could lift circa 30-35kg on barbell curls, I came back and struggled to do 25kg! I was doing 50-60kg on the shoulder pull down and came back doing around 35kg! My cardio was worse than normal too.

By the end of the second week back on it I was feeling much better and then I found a brilliant new workout in Men’s Health, based on how the rugby player James Haskell trains. I love it! It has given me the motivation I needed and the kick up the arse I needed to get back on track with #Hench17 (the original plan for 2017).

Here is the work out (had to amend a few bits because my gym does not have all the equipment:

- Spin bike 20 sec sprints, 10 secs off, I do this for around 8 mins

- 35kg barbell, crouch then thrust the bar above your head – 10reps, 3 sets

- Pushup, into a burpee then jump onto a box, 10 reps, 3 sets

- Deadlifts, as heavy as you can, 10 reps, 3 sets

- Rowing, 150metres, as fast as you can – i usually try and do 10 of these

- Battle rope (we don’t have one in the gym so I use the rope machine) 5 mins

- Pull ups, 10 reps, 3 sets

I then add in:

- Rope pull down at around 50kg at the min – 10 reps, 3 sets

- 60 crunches

- 60 Russian twists

I feel really good after doing this workout and it is going really well. Add to this that I am eating super clean and I have had a really good few weeks, I even been able to keep off the demon drink most of the time and only had one nights drink in 2 weeks. RESULT

Current weight, 11st 10lbs.

Current fat ratio 20%


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