Circuits and clothing size changes

Been a while, thought I would give an update… Have had lots going on with work and various fitness things, the biggest challenge being the Three Peaks. I am writing a larger post about the Three Peaks so not much to say right now other than it was a real challenge, probably the hardest thing I have ever undertaken.

On the fitness front I had a really good couple of weeks leading up to the Three Peaks, lots of gym, classes, football, basketball and boxing. I actually moved boxing up to three times a week in the run up but have had to go back down to two afterwards as I just cannot fit it all in.

In my most recent fitness review I was fairly happy but as ever, felt I could have done better. Weight stayed roughly the same, lost about 1cm off my waist and fat ratio has dropped to 19%.

My current target is to get to around 16% fat ratio, probably lose a further quarter of a stone and try and shake off the belly. In terms of the next physical challenge, I am toying with the idea of one of those tough mudder obstacle course events in February but not really sure, stamina wise, I would be up to the 8k run element.

One thing I learnt from the Three Peaks is that, whilst I feel much stronger physically, stamina and endurance wise, I am still very lacking. Really need to try and crack this running. Aiming to try and run 1k without stopping but very far away from this at the minute.

One good thing I have noticed recently is that I have dropped another clothing size. I am pretty much a Medium in all my favourite brands of clothing, something I am really happy with. This is kind of why I don’t feel that much pressure to keep losing weight at the minute, just tone up more and try and shift the belly through healthier eating. Healthy Eating though, that is a real challenge!

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