Christmas – oh dear – The results are in 1% Fitness Wanker

After my upbeat end of the year review it is back down to earth with a bump courtesy of my health check at the gym. Oh Dear…

This is what Christmas did to me:

Fat ratio, up from 18.6% peak in Aug 2014 to 23% on 6 Jan

Top of stomach, up 7cm!

Belly button/tummy circumference, up 5cm!

Overall weight, up 3lbs!

So, all in all, that was a good Christmas. I am trying to blast it all off by stepping up my training regime. Added a few extra boxing sessions in and also, on days where I go to the gym in the morning before work, I am then also trying to go back on my way home just to do one mile on the treadmill.

One mile is not that much but it is all I can do, continuously, at the minute.

There we have it, motivation is high whilst I see if I can shift the timber but I fear that if I cannot shift it quick enough, motivation may wane… As ever, anyone with any tips, please feel free to share with me.

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