Back in the game – #Hench2017

Watcha, it has been a while. Right now, as of Jan 2017 I am around 12st 5lbs. The lowest weight I have been in my adult life. I started this fitness journey at around 18st, touching 19st. I have lost about 6 stone so far, mainly through diet and exercise.

The exercise has been really good fun although I am finding it hard to find new ways to exercise. This is important for me because I get bored really quickly at the gym and I feel I never push myself as hard at the gym as I do when playing sport. I started playing tennis again in 2016 which is really good fun but more on that in another post I write up about my heart rate during playing.

The other interesting thing around my fitness journey has been the growth of the social account I set up to track my progress. This is FitnessWanker over on Instagram. The account has now got 4.5k of people following it! Wow! I have even started getting companies get in touch to ask me to wear their sports clothes and equipment. How funny.

I will probably write a post on this later in the year. Its crazy. Anyway, this year I am, once again, not sure what my sporting goals will be. I am thinking about another Mud Runner/Obstacle race? I would also like to try and have a go at a climbing centre. Not elaborate goals I know, but it is all about setting small goals and progressing than setting silly goals that I can’t keep!

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