85% Fitness Wanker – New Program New Motivation

I think it is fair to say that about a month ago, or more accurately, after coming back from holiday, my Fitness Wanker percentage fell to an all time low. My motivation was on the wane. I now realise though, that was just because I was not training enough, not seeing or feeling the benefits and had maybe got used to the level of training I was doing and needed to step it up.

Having had a chat with a few folks, I got a new program that was much harder, started pushing myself to lift heavier weights and generally upped my game. My motivation has, surprise surprise come back! If anything, I am more motivated than at any time before.

I have the Three Peaks challenge coming up in a few weeks so I have altered my training a tiny bit, and also taken on the advice of a few people around the sport I am doing, even though it is frustrating and reduce the amount of times I play basketball.

This is really sad for me, I love basketball, but it was becoming more and more clear that this is what was causing me so many injuries. I was having constant calf muscle problems during and after the games and it was the sport that caused my worst ever injury, the torn calf muscle.

I think it may be a case of old-age meaning I cannot do everything I used to, but it has benefitted me in other ways. I am far sharper for football, and my overall ability during football is getting better in terms of strength and pace. The other obvious plus of playing less basketball is that I am able to spend more time training and less time recovering from injury.

I am back training every day at the gym, mon-fri, have stepped up boxing, which I love, to three times a week, playing football and cut basketball down to just once a month.

My new program:

50 calories on the cross country ski machine for warm up

500-700 steps on the stair master

40 secs wide pull downs (may be called lat pull downs?), 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs narrow pull downs, 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs narrow press ups, 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs wide press ups, 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs sit ups, 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs crunches, 20 secs rest x 8 sets

40 secs burpees (killer!) 20 secs rest x 8 sets

1500m rower as fast as I can

20kg kettle bell lifts behind head x 3 sets

10 dips x 3 sets

20kg weight bar arm raises (not sure of actual name)

I usually do the last three together.

As you can see, this is a far longer work out, and although it may look easy to you guys, I am finding it a real struggle. I have been doing it for two weeks now and I have lost count of how many times I have forgotten to do the burpees. I think it is my subconscious trying to manage them out :-)

Anyway, motivation is high, I ma eating a bit healthier and really feeling the benefit. Let’s just hope I survive this Three Peaks challenge to keep it going.

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