83% Fitness Wanker – Good Week and Big Game Coming Along

Well, another fun week trying to get to 100% fitness wanker. Had 5 sessions in the gym, two boxing sessions and an hour playing basketball.

Been a big week because this weekend is the big game that got me started on all this back in February. The game is on Sunday and should be a real giggle.

I am still really loving boxing despite a few injuries that I feel are holding me back a bit. I am putting it down to old age.

I am also loving the new gym regime which is more about short impact exercises rather than the 20mins I was doing on all the cardio machines.

I still maintain that the old myth about never feeling bad after doing exercise is actually true. It has been an interesting week at work but going to the gym has been great for keeping motivation high and a positive attitude.

One area that I have struggled to maintain is skipping. I bought a skipping rope from Adidas but being really honest, it is hard to remember to do and feels a bit odd doing it in public anyway :-)

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