81% Fitness Wanker – quick update on my goals and fitness targets

It has been a while since I documented what my current fitness goals are so I thought I would pop them down so I can track them. Harder to cheat and change them when you have them written down!

I have split them into three areas, short term  goals, medium term goals and longer term goals.

In the Short Term I am continuing my efforts to try and conquer a new sport or activity every year and right now that is the rather mundane Golf (although my pocket-walk-tracker says I walk around 3-4 miles every time I go and play and this is good) and far more challenging, a mud runner.

The mud-runner presents a challenge because of the distance of the run. I have always struggled with stamina and distance when it comes to running. I think that, at a push, I can run for around 2 miles none-stop before needing to walk. I often do a 4 mile circuit around where we live but that is running with lots of walking thrown in!

In the Medium Term I am trying to get to two weight targets. Initially I want to get to below 83kg because this will take me to the lowest weight I have ever probably been as an adult. Overall, I am hoping to get to 79kg, which is my ultimate goal weight.

I also see the challenge of getting my fat-ratio down to around the 15-18% target as a medium term goal. The lowest I have ever got it is 18%, around one year ago. That was pre-holiday and since then I have been floating around the very disappointing 20-22% mark.

The Long-Term plan sounds a little “meh” but for me it is a big thing. I would like to eat far more healthily as part of my mainstream every day eating, rather than it being such a struggle and one-off blasts. I know I need to cut out more of the snacking and junk food, but it is very hard to keep this up when I have a lifestyle that involves lots of travel. I know this is an excuse but my general lack of organisation and planning makes it difficult to plan ahead and get my shit together.

When I look back at my initial goals that were to be able to play 90 minutes of football in a one off game, and how that helped kick start this whole fitness thing, I am fairly happy. The one thing I have learnt about fitness though is that you are never happy and you always want more. The ultimate aim, to shift that tummy!

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