78% Fitness Wanker – Shaved 2mins off my 2000m rowing challenge Personal Best

OH MY GAWD! At a time when motivation is fairly low, post Christmas lull whilst trying to lose the festive weight gain, just had the ultimate motivation.

The past few weeks have been a real struggle in terms of keeping motivation. Not just because of the weight gain over Xmas, but also because when I looked back over the last 11 months of going to the gym, I can see that whilst I have added a bit of muscle, generally my weight has stayed pretty much the same.

I know this is because I am gaining muscle and I have shrank my waistline and started wearing smaller clothes, but the weight staying the same and my inability to shift that tummy has been, pardon my French, really fucking me off.

I needed a boost and it came from an unlikely source. Regular readers will know that in early 2014 I took part in an office rowing challenge. How fast could I row 2000metres. At the time my PB was 8m and 39 secs. I came nowhere in the office challenge, one guy did it in 5mins!

Fast forward to this week and the guy I train with said we should go on the rowing machine as it was something we don’t use that often. ¬†Without really going for it, as in, not really pushing it, I got 6m 35secs! So this morning I thought I would have another go and try a bit harder…

I did 2033m in 2m and 6 seconds! I nearly feinted with joy and surprise.

I guess I have learned that the benefits of going to the gym and doing so much sport and exercise pay off in lots of ways and not just in dramatic weight loss. Shaving 2mins off my PB blew me away and shows I am gradually getting stronger and fitter.

Apologies for the unreseverdly “I’m awesome” nature of this post btw, I was just a bit shocked and this is the platform I se tup to share my journey to becoming a full on Fitness Wanker.

ps. When I get chance I will write up a few of the diet and eating changes that I have set in place so far in the new year, suffice to say, it is a hell of a change from my previous eating. Who know how long it will last though!

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