77% Fitness Wanker but sick of all the injury niggles

I am back in the swing of all things fitness. Back doing all the sports I love, Basketball, Football, Boxing and Gym-ing, life is good.

However, I am starting to think that at my age and after years of eating and drinking all the bad things, my body just cannot cope with all the activity and it is really frustrating. I came back from my muscle tear injury and did things carefully and properly. I took the right amount of time out, started warming up and down for longer and generally eased myself back into things.

A month back in after recovering from injury and all the old niggles are starting to come back. I feel back at the stage where I was just before I tore my calf muscle (did I mention my injury :-)).

At Basketball this week I felt my calf twinging again and so I took it a bit easier. I used lots of Deep-Heat and calf bandage to get through a session of football, again, taking it easy and now my shoulder, that had never previously given me any grief, is also playing up, so I am having to take it easy in the gym.

All this taking it easy is slowing down my progress. Its bloody annoying. Do I need to face the sad fact that I simply cannot do as much sport as I once could or am I just approaching this challenge of getting fit and beyond in the wrong way.

I don’t know, but it is really annoying.

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