71% fitness wanker – Trying to find correlation between motivation levels and results

Oh hey there, just checking in for a monthly ramble. So, January 2016 has pretty much been a write off, fitness wise, thanks to some form of random illness that wiped me out for two weeks. It is the first pro-longed illness I have had for a few years and, as ever, it came at exactly the wrong time. I had started January so well; been smashing the gym by starting with a two mile run and then four mile bike ride, before going on and doing whatever during the session.

My boxing and PT sessions had started up and I was started to feel much better in terms of losing that Christmas/December weight. Then the flu hit and found myself in bed for three days then travelling to Scotland and my fitness work took a dive. To be fair, I did try a one mile run when in Glasgow but it nearly destroyed me. All in all, by the time I was feeling a bit better I was truly de-motivated because I appeared to have come back much much weaker.

Fast forward to Thursday of this week and I was due my monthly health check with the PT and I was amazed to hear I had lost 4lbs, dropped 4cm off my waist and hips and dropped my fat ratio to 21%!

This effectively means I am at the lightest weight I have been since I started this journey and also at the second lowest fat percentage ratio I have had since I began. There is no correlation between motivation and results!

What else is going on? Well, I have another veterans v current players football game coming up in May. The same game two years ago is one of the drivers to my whole new approach to fitness so this is a nice target to have at the end of the tunnel. I have still to try a new sport in 2016 but it is early doors yet. I had a go at Paintballing this past weekend and that was great fun but a direct shot to the nipple caused a few awkward bruises.

I really want to kick on now, fitness wise, and get to my target weight of being below 12stone! I figure that if I can lose weight when un-motivated, I should be able to lose more now I have a bit of va-va-voom. One thing is for sure, my attempts to really cut down on beer are seemingly helping, as is a kind of unplanned attempt to rid my coffee and tea of sugar.

Anyway, enough for now… here is my current favourite gym song…

Icona Pop: I love it


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