71% Fitness Wanker – 1Week away from Devil Mud Run, Fitness Tracking, RunKeeper Battery Drainer

I am one week away from my first mud runner, courtesy of Devils Mud Run in Cheltenham. I don’t feel like I have got enough long runs in the bag for me to feel fully prepared but then I am hoping that everyone feels like this! My PT and friends who know I am doing it are reassuring me that the running element is broken up by the obstacles so I am hoping that I can get through it all.

I have kept true to my Fitness Wanker promise and have not shared the fact I am doing it on any of my personal social media accounts and just kept it to the Fitness Wanker accounts, although I do feel a bit of a douche that I am not doing it for charity. I am justifying this in my head by reminding myself that I did raise over £2k last year from my Three Peaks Challenge, and for that I did really spam my personal accounts. I annoyed myself by the end of it with all that begging :-)

Anyway, fitness wise, I am doing ok at the minute. Just “OK” because I got all of my measurements through from right back when I first started with my PT and although I have clearly changed body shape nd gone from an XL in some clothes down to a M in most, my weight has not really changed that much. In fact, my fat ratio, a constant battle of mine, has tally fluctuated and kind of made me realise I am reallygoing to have to sort my diet even further if I want to get anywhere near the goal ratio of 16%.

My last fat ratio measurement was 25%(!?) on an electronic machine, so I am hoping that this is flawed… sure! My fat ratio chart is below.

Fat Ratio Over Time

Fat Ratio Over Time

This has made me realise that it really has to be my diet that needs looking at again, to try and get the fat ratio down. Alcohol and crisps are my Kryptonite! I train plenty, and train really hard, but my diet, mainly during the working week, lets me down. When I am at home all week, that is fine and I eat well. The days where I need to go to London though, and these are on the increase on the run up to Christmas, usually involve beery lunches and bad eating.

I think that my current levels are exercise are keeping my weight constant-ish, whereas, if I want to see weight loss and a dropped fat ratio, I need to try and heat even healthier. It is tough!

To end on a lighter note, I have tried a new exercise with my PT that I think shows I am getting a bit more flexible. It is a 30kg bar-bell push, from behind my head to above my head. I was never able to do this because my arms just would not let it happen, but for the first time, I did it and had no problems.

On another positive, I have made my first Gym Facebook friend. Having gone pretty much every morning since February 2014, I have got to chat to a few people and know them in the gym, but one of them suggested we take the next step and become FACEBOOK friends! MADE IT. There was even talk of me being invited out on the gym curry night from the gang of blokes and women that sit and have a coffee at the gym coffee shop every morning when I am walking out. #GYMFRIENDS :-)

*One tech observation before I sign off. I updated my iPhone last week with the new iOS update. One handy new feature is in Settings>>Battery. Here you can see which apps drain your battery the most. RunKeeper is a thirsty one. It is the second highest drain on my battery after Facebook. Worth noting to turn off between uses.

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