68% Fitness Wanker – hitting my goal weight and playing football again

There is nothing worse than a neglected blog and I need to hold my hands up and admit that is one neglected blog! The excuse; I have lots going on at home and at work. At home we are trying to move house and have loads of legal wranglings about the property we are trying to buy. This has resulted in us moving out of the house we owned so our buyer could move in as they were becoming increasingly annoyed that our purchase property was taking so long.

Work is just as hectic as it ever is, but not having internet in our temporary, rented home means I am not getting chance to write as much as I normally do. So, a quick post and a quick update. At the very start of this journey a few years ago I set a target of getting under 13st and a few week ago I finally hit this weight. YEY!

I am now floating around at about 12st 9 and 12st 12, roughly around 81kg. According to the weighing machine at the gym I am still well above my ideal weight and my fat ratio is around 19-21%, which is not idea. I would like to get down to 75 KG but already I am feeling like I don’t really want to lose more weight and instead try and turn more of my weight into muscle.

On an unrelated note, I am struggling to find a new challenge for 2016. I was thinking about a few different things to do but nothing has really jumped out and grabbed me. If anyone has any ideas, please suggest away.

The weekend just gone also saw me playing another veterans (I am 39!) game of football for Renegades, my old footy team. I had an absolute blast and lasted the full 90 mins. I really enjoyed the game and even had a 20 min stint in central midfield, a position I don’t know hugely well but was again good fun. I did not score but certainly caught the football bug again and may go and train a bit more next season. It is just an absolute blast and the changing room atmosphere is really great too.

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