58% fitness wanker – training review and update 12 weeks in

I had another training review this week. The numpty doing it has lost half of my stats from last time around but I could remember the body fat one being 20%.

So I was quite happy when he said it was now 18%. It is not a huge change but it is a start. This is roughly 12 weeks after the last one, so about three months.

I don’t think the weight loss has been brilliant but I am not surprised since I had nearly one month off through injury and then a further 2 weeks off due to work commitments taking me out of the country and then a holiday with friends. In summary, I ate and drank terribly during that time.

It is nice to be back into the full swing of things now though, back going to the gym Mon-Fri before work, basketball once a week, football once a week and two boxing lessons a week as well. I have to be honest and say that Boxing is probably the thing I am enjoying the most at the minute.

Although the weight is not flying off, I am noticing a difference in terms of playing sports. I have much more energy and stamina during games, that is not to say it is making me play better, just I can run round more!

In terms of goals I have set with the trainer, it is about improving upper body strength, core and stamina etc and getting the body fat ratio down further. At the min I am happy floating at around the 13st 5lbs weight mark but ideally would like to get to the top end of 12st if possible.

One of the other things I have noticed via buying new clothes is that I have dropped a clothing size during all this training. This shows that whilst the weight loss is not massive, my body shape is changing.

All in all, the review in school report terms would probably say; has done well but could do far better if he just applied himself more.

Oh yeah, and I am trying giving up beer/lager for a few weeks to see if this helps (the trainer thinks it will), and I am just sticking to fizzy wine :-)

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