25% Fitness Wanker – Back in the game after injury

I am back :-) back on the hunt for fitness and timber shifting. After nearly a month and half out with a torn calf muscle I am back into the swing of things.

I have been back at the gym doing a few few classes every week, been doing normal gym stuff during the rest of the week and I am also back playing football and basketball. The only sport left for me to return to is boxing and I start that up again next week.

It feels good to be back!

It is amazing how quickly all the good work goes to waste. I was feeling like I was on a real upwards curve before the injury and after just a few weeks out I felt back at stage one.

I was on holiday during the recuperation time from my calf tear and that did not help keep the weight off but I was surprised to see that I had not really put much on despite being off the sport for so long.

So, anyway, I am back and loving it. Football this week was really good. I felt a lot fitter and sharper than before and I am making a conscious effort to try and run a bit more during games rather than just stick to my position of centre forward or centre back.

I think people were a bit shocked to see me running around so much, not least when I tried the same thing during basketball. Whilst I was by no means Michael Jordan, I felt my engine was getting better in terms of running up and down the court despite the severe heat.

Oh yeah, and I got to try out my new Air Jordans for the first time. Dreamy!

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