2016; targets, goals and optimism of a fitness blogger

I have never really been one for writing down goals and targets, largely because I hate the accountability :-) but this year, 2016, I thought I would give it a go.

Here are my top line goals for 2016:

1. Get down to below 80kg. The ideal target is 76kg.

2. Jog 4 miles none-stop

3. Try a sport I have never tried before

Here are the explanation behind them all.

1. Get down to 80kg or below, ideally, 76kg.

In the three years since I have started trying to get more fit I have always had the goal of getting under 80kg but I have never made it. This year, I want to try and give it a really good crack. The closest I have got is a diet competition where I got the 82kg but I was doing some unhealthy stuff to get there. This time I want to try and do it properly and most importantly, in a sustainable way.

I started 2016 at around 88kg, post Christmas, but I probably floated between 83-88kg throughout all of 2015. I know what I am doing wrong, it is alcohol intake and poor diet. When you think that I train 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day, it is not the exercise that is going wrong, it is the diet and drink.

I have the same excuses as everyone; I work away lots so I drink too much and eat badly in hotels and alike. Part of idea number one, or I guess, sub-target number one, to try and jog more when away. Hotel gym are generally rubbish, I should get out more and try jogging in the cities that I visit. Would be a great way to see the places I am travelling to, but also helps with goal two, jogging.

2. Jog none-stop for 4 miles

I hate running, i mean, really hate it. I don’t “hate” much in life but running/jogging, I really do hate. Being completely honest I can barely jog for longer than 2 or three mins. It is not because I am going flat out, it is simply that I think I have poor stamina. Even when i was fairly fit as a kid, playing football at a decent level, I could not run long distances. Someone I know mentioned I should get tested to see if I have the endurance gene but I think this would just give me an excuse and a cop-out.

I have a 4mile circuit around the countryside where I live, in 2016, I would like to jog this none-stop. At the min I am doing the circuit in 1hr, best time. To get started towards this goal in 2016 and to help get rid of Xmas excess in a quicker way, I have started my gym sessions by jogging for 2 miles. I am doing this in intervals, 45 seconds of fast running, one min of walking/recovery, although I start by running/jogging for as long as I can and this is usually 2-3mins. I really get annoyed at myself for not being able to run/jog more. When I think of all I have achieved in the last three years it really annoys me that I cannot get this jogging nailed. Just goes to show, nothing is easy.

3. Try a new sport

I am not going to commit to what the new sport will be, there are a few options on the table at the min. One of the best things that has happened to me in the last few years has been taking up boxing. Don’t get me wrong, I have only had a few actual full-on sparring sessions and it has mainly be pad-work and technique so far but one of my life’s regrets will be that I did not get into the sport earlier. That has made me think “what else am I missing”. I have a few ideas and I hope to try a few new sports and go from there.

Overall, I have tried to keep my targets and goals fairly achievable. It is all about baby-steps. Let’s not forget, my original goal at the start of all this was to get in shape for a one-off football comeback and to not be the fattest dad when in the pool on holiday!

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