13% Fitness Wanker – Cream tea and pastie filled holiday wipes out hard work

G U T T E D!

After a really good few months back from injury, working hard, getting down to 18% body fat, oh yeah, and being at my lowest weight in my adult lift I went and blew it on a week’s holiday. Had a surprise health check at the gym today after 7 days in Cornwall with the family and it was sad times ahoy.

Body fat ratio now 22%
Waistline is up by 4cm
Weight is up 5lbs

I think the gym nazi could see how gutted I was but what could one expect after such a gutsy week away. I pretty much had a cornish pastie every day, ate clotted cream with scones etc, beachside fishnchips and drank EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. It was heaven.

Apparently, one week on holiday is the equivalent to not training for three weeks. I am kinda thinking that all the hard work was so that I could enjoy the holiday but maybe I took it to a new level. Oh dear.

What is extra surprising is that I managed to find a local gym to go and work out in, but only managed to go for three of the seven days in the end.

Oh well, back on it.

Had a massive session this morning to try and counteract the weight gain, thought I was going to be sick. Will check back in with a progress report soon.

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