100% Fitness Wanker but 50% happy with results – A year end review

So, the year comes to an end and I can safely say that I am a 100% fitness wanker. How do I know this? I now have all the traits of one of them fitness twats I used to hate.

1. I talk about going to the gym/fitness at every given opportunity

2. I try and go to the gym or do sport at every given opportunity and I am sad to admit, I have moved work meetings to achieve this

3. I don’t seem to be able to walk past a mirror without checking how my tummy looks

4. I have eaten a salad when out for meal

Number 4 is probably the saddest of the above, but all 4 tell me I have become ‘that’ gym person I used to loathe.

2014 was the first time in my life where I have hit the gym, hard. From February onwards I have tried to go every working day (Mon-Fri) and even snuck in the odd weekend workout. You know what, I have loved it as well.

The longest time off I have had from the gym and fitness since February is this Christmas and I even went and found a gym when on holiday in August. Sad twat.

The results as I see them… lost just over a stone BUT, my main target has been to muscle up a bit and not so much have dramatic weight loss. Let’s not forget, in the year running up to starting to go to the gym I had lost 4 stone, so in two years I have lost over 5 stone.

All that said, midway through the year, in July, I got my fat ratio down to 18% and started to get dreams of maybe starting to get a six pack. PAH! That went out of the window with the holiday (where I found the gym, remember?). I came back with a staggering 22% body fat.

I was gutted at this and feel I really lost my way and concentration. Around this time I also had my first ever “proper” injury; a torn calf muscle. My gosh that hurt and it took me out of action for around 2 months all in. I still have issues with it now, doubly frustrating given I am trying to step up running on the treadmill.

Talking of treadmills, I never in my life thought that I could run a mile nonstop and this year I have and even got it down to about 8-9mins. Not good for all your fitness people, but good for me.

Also in 2014 I had a bash on the step machine and found it to be a worthy enemy. It is evil! Still, I am plodding on.

I made a mini football comeback this year and ruddy loved it. I feel I have a season left in me, but I am sure everyone says that at my age :-) I really felt the benefits of the fitness when playing 6 aside this year, as my stamina and strength increased through the year, I was gutted when football was cancelled for a winter break… weak!

Basketball was once again awesome, still probably up there in my top three sports. Sadly it was suggested by several fitness trainers and physio’s that it could be a key part of why I kept hurting my calf. All the sudden and explosive movements etc. This meant I cut done on my game time from once a week to once a month at most. Getting old is killing me :-)

The big hit for me has to be boxing. I have written about it loads elsewhere but I have loved it. I am totally addicted and I started going in May time and am just about starting proper sparring, it is brutal, it hurts and I love it! Massive thanks to everyone at Gloucester Fight Factory for being so helpful and not laughing at my piss poor attempts.

It would be crazy to not mention the three peaks challenge as a highlight. I loved the endurance element, especially given the weather and the feeling of achievement, but I have to be honest and say that it no way stacks up with the feeling you get from learning how to box.

On the clothing and body shape front it has been a bit odd. Although I only lost around one stone my body shape seem to have changed quite a bit. I have gone from an XL at the start of 2014 to a M in most clothes. Winning!

My goals for 2015 are simple, I always feel it is easier to keep things simple.

1. Try and run 10k non stop on a treadmill or on a road

2. Get down to 16% body fat

3. Compete in a 5-8k obstacle type course/race

4. Have greater overall muscle definition

I was a bit down about the results of 2014 given all the effort I have put in, but I have come to think of it as a year of getting the ground work right. 2015 is about stepping up, trying new sports and knuckling down a bit on the diet, nothing drastic though.

Finally, how about a #gymselfie :-) Some of my gym selfies from through the year of 2014. I am not sure that I can really see the progress… although I can see my addiction to UnderArmour!

Gym Selfies 2014

Let me take a gym selfie


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