1% Fitness Wanker – First injury to keep me out

I am gutted… truly gutted. I have an (estimated) 2cm tear in my calf muscle, caused by seemingly nothing. It now means all sport with the exception of upper body at the gym is out for one whole month.

I did it really oddly as well, just playing basketball. There was no one around me, I jumped for the ball and felt something pop. It hurt like nothing before.

I have never had a serious injury that has kept me out of sport in my life and the general consensus is that maybe I was doing a bit too much. I have been going to the gym Mon-Fri before work for about an hour and a half, playing basketball once a week, playing football once a week and then also having two boxing sessions per week.

It does not look that much when written down like that but I guess there were a few signs it was coming. I had a week off a month ago and I felt amazing and when i went back to the gym the following week I was like a man possessed, really going for it and set a new rowing PB time.

Also, when I was playing basketball I kept feeling like I had cramp in the muscle that I eventually tore. For future reference, I know to maybe take precaution when I feel that kind of twinge.

Anyway, for now I am gutted to be off the sports.

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